Dinner at NENI

Together with Nuriel Molcho we dive into the colourful NENI world. A mix of colours, sounds and flavours. A feast for all our senses. Hamburg, Vienna or Mallorca? The NENI restaurants already inspire us at several locations in Europe. The spirit of Tel Aviv is everywhere in the air.

NENI Hamburg – 25hours Hotel Hamburg Altes Hafenamt


NENI Hamburg – 25hours Hotel Hamburg Altes Hafenamt


What was the initial spark for founding NENI?

Clearly our mother Haya. When we four brothers moved out to study, she wanted to do this passion project. Together with her sons.

NENI Wien – Tel Aviv Beach


When and under what circumstances has it been found?

Ten years ago we opened the first NENI at the Vienna Naschmarkt. We were career changers and driven by a passion for an idea.

NENI Wien – Naschmarkt

“You come home with us before you go to your own home.”


What do you want your guests to feel while visiting NENI?

The feeling of family, joie de vivre and being welcome. Family in a broader sense. Sitting together at the big table with food to share. You come home with us before you go to your own home.







What kind of food do you serve?

A mixture of family recipes and world cuisine. For example, there is our grandmother’s famous cheesecake and other surprises. The menu has influences from many different countries. Whether Spain, Romania, Yemen or Morocco. Here you will find the roots of our family, friends and neighbours.



Is there a special target group you would like to address?

No, not at all. We have something for everyone. We are accessible to everyone, not expensive, not complicated. The locations are completely different, from cosy to chic.



Do you remember a guest feedback that made you particularly happy?

We get extremely warm feedback every day. Even more than the food, people admire the courage to start something as a family and the cohesion between us.

NENI München – 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian


NENI München – 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian


What can we experience when visiting the NENI Restaurants?

A nice meal together, without “my plate, your plate”. Whether it’s a date, a business meeting or a get togehter between friends. It’s about human connections.

NENI Berlin – 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

What inspired you when designing the NENI Restaurants?

Israel. We wanted to do something timeless. Every location is different. From minimalistic to eclectic and colourful, like in Paris. It’s also about what people like to show, what impressions they like to share, e.g. on Instagram.

NENI Berlin – 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin


NENI Berlin – 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin


NENI Berlin – 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin


Who is responsible for the design?

We work together with different designers. Armin Fischer of “Dreimeta”, for example, designed the NENI on Mallorca, in Hamburg, in Munich and in Paris. Werner Aisslinger of “Studio Aisslinger” is the designer of the NENI restaurants in Berlin, Cologne and Zurich.

NENI Köln – 25hours Hotel The Circle


Do you have a favorite NENI location?

I still love the Naschmarkt in Vienna. There my wife and I also have our hat shop “Nomade Moderne”. It’s great to work there creatively and observe the hustle and bustle of people. Haya loves the NENI on Mallorca with its hippiestyle. So there is something for each of us.

NENI Köln – 25hours Hotel The Circle 


Which moment in your restaurant is especially memorable for you?

The big thank you party after our first year at the Naschmarkt. It was a great atmosphere, outside and inside. We had renowned DJs and over 1000 people celebrated with us. We felt like on an oriental market.

NENI Paris – 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord


Your favorite restaurant when you are travelling?

Oh, there are some. Especially the “Gjelina” in L.A. at Venice Beach. My wife comes from L.A.. The “Gjelina” has also developed a cookbook with great recipes. I especially like their sourdough pizza. And I’m not really a big pizza fan (laughs).

Also very impressive is the “Azura” in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It belongs to a Turkish family who moved to Israel. It’s about Slow Cooking. You eat on the ground and enjoy the food prepared for hours with love and care. In our cookbook “Tel Aviv” we also interviewed the family.

NENI Paris – 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord


Do you have a vision for the NENI Restaurants?

Yes, we also want to offer our products in supermarkets. With “Neni am Tisch” we are already on the market with our products. So far in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We believe in our products. The best Hummus should be the NENI Hummus.

We would like to open more franchise locations in major cities in Europe. At good locations with good partners.

We also want to pass on our knowledge and enable people to develop. We already do this in our cooking school in Vienna and in our cookbooks “Tel Aviv” and “Balagan”. In addition, we have a young, very talented chef. With him we´ll open a new restaurant, independent of the NENI. Here he can develop creatively.

NENI Zürich – 25hours Hotel Langstrasse


Your interior style in three words?

Eclectic, cosy, new.

A perfect day at NENI?

A day when you get together with people you love and let yourself be pampered by the card. Try a little of everything and let yourself be surprised.

NENI Zürich – 25hours Hotel Langstrasse


Who would you like to have as a guest once and why?

No particular person. We wish ourselves guests who appreciate and support what we do.

NENI Zürich – 25hours Hotel Langstrasse


If your restaurant was a song, which one would it be?

That would be “Don´t worry, be happy” I think. There are always ups and downs in life, but with a little optimism it goes on and on.

Thank you for the interview and continue with so much passion and success!



Haya, Nadiv, Nuriel, Ilan und Elior Molcho (from left to right).


NENI – these are the first letters of the first names of Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan Molcho, the four sons of Haya and Samy Molcho. The Viennese founded NENI together with their mother Haya. Family, friends, the passion for food and a touch of Tel Aviv characterise all locations. So far to experience in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Mallorca, Cologne, Paris and soon also Amsterdam.

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