Visiting Bohicket

The sun is shining. Johanna Schulze-Smidt, the founder of Bohicket, welcomes us in her pretty little showroom in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Here she presents her collection of plaids and cushions made of mohair, silk and merino, with emotive product names such as “Golden Shadow” and “Midnight Horizon”.

What does Bohicket stand for?

Bohicket stands for relaxation and softness. Bohicket’s natural, soft products are designed to help users shift down a gear, enjoy and relax. The name Bohicket is a place on the American West Coast, a place where big turtles lay their eggs in the sand.  After hatching, the young climb into the Atlantic Ocean. They grow up here and cross the ocean to return to this place every year at the same time, starting the cycle anew. Bohicket’s mascot is this turtle.


What do you want your customers to feel when using your products?

On the one hand, it is the love of nature that I want to make tangible with Bohicket’s products. On the other hand, I associate many characteristics of the turtle with Bohicket. It stands for wisdom and the power of peace as well as the special sense of origin.

Is there a special target group you would like to address?

I think that our target group has a pronounced sense of quality and aesthetics. It is not necessarily oriented towards short-lived trends and looks behind the facade. Our customers really appreciate knowing where their products come from. They are pleased that we can offer a 100% natural product.

“The collection was created in cooperation with my South African family. They have been active in the wool trade for decades and are important advisors. So I have part of my collection produced in my family’s weaving mill in the Eastern Cape, another part in a small knitting mill in Cape Town”.


Do you remember a customer feedback that made you particularly happy?

Oh yes, I am very happy about my dear customers, who occasionally write me emails and tell me where the products found their new home. The spectrum ranges from an elegant Parisian apartment to a motorhome that has travelled all over Europe.

“Golden Shadow” meets “Midnight Horizon”



Who or what inspires you in product development?

The current collection “Landscapes of Karoo” is inspired by the origin of the products in the South African semi-desert Karoo. Here live the mohair goats and merino sheep. They provide the valuable raw material for our products in a breathtaking landscape. The wide horizon of the Karoo, the shimmering heat of summer and the rugged rocks of the Swartberg Pass are reflected in the abstract forms of the collection.

“It is important to me to know where the raw materials used to come from. I am glad that I can trace all the steps in the development of my products from the goat or sheep in the field to the finished product”.


Your personal favourite product from your label?

The cushion collection was only launched later to complement the Plaids. I have a lot of fun with it! There are now 15 different designs and I have the feeling that our customers enjoy them as much as I do. I keep coming up with new combinations. I have to slow down a bit in this respect to keep the collection manageable.


Which interior trend do you find exciting?

I have to admit that although I observe the hustle and bustle in Milan and Paris, this has little relevance for my collection. I want to offer a collection that lasts longer than one season.

Thank you for the interview and continue with so much passion and success!


Johanna Schulze-Smidt, founder of Bohicket


Bohicket is a Berlin-based label specializing in the production of high-quality blankets and pillows made of kid mohair, silk and merino. Four years ago, Managing Director Johanna Schulze-Smidt quit her job as a marketing strategist and fulfilled her dream of founding her own label for natural wool home accessories. Her South African family, who has been active in the wool trade for decades, helped her. The design originates from Berlin and is produced in South Africa, where the wool used also comes from.

Learn more about Bohicket.

Photos: Anne Deppe (product photos), Jan Schmiedel (portrait)

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